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Provizio Launches VizioPrime 6K Perception Radar at CES 2024


Provizio, the leading vehicle perception company, has announced the launch of its newest product, VizioPrime™ 6K, at this year’s CES event, which kicked off today in Las Vegas. VizioPrime™ 6K is a software-defined Imaging Radar perception solution that enables the next generation of L3+ ADAS and Autonomous Driving features at scale.

This groundbreaking innovation revolutionises imaging radar performance, allowing Provizio’s OEM partners to deliver L3+ ADAS and AD without costly and intrusive LiDAR sensors. VizioPrime™ 6K, the super-resolution digital imaging radar, allows for increased ability to distinguish the difference between adjacent objects, such as cars and pedestrians, and small object detection, such as tyres, at ultra-long distances. This is achieved with proprietary active antenna technologies, modulation schemes, and sparse array designs to expand the antenna resolution vastly at a minimal cost.

“This advancement is a step forward for Provizio and the automotive industry. Historically, some within the automotive industry have been pushing for autonomy before the tech has been safe – our work at Provizio is reversing this past trend and setting things right with scalable and cost-effective perception. We believe that driver safety is paramount, and pioneering innovations centred around this principle will result in impactful transformations in road safety. This goes beyond roads – the technology has already been deployed to make agriculture, industrial machines and mining safer,” said Barry Lunn, CEO at Provizio, in today’s announcement. 

“The performance characteristics within VizioPrime™ 6K go beyond any active sensors available on the market – this is across range, resolution, perception and all-weather performance. Combining the established robustness of radar with extraordinary resolution, VizioPrime™ eliminates the need for intrusive LiDAR sensors to unlock vehicle autonomy. Another significant aspect of this product is its cost-effectiveness. We want to make this technology accessible for everyone – because if it’s not for everyone, it is for no one,” added Dr. Scott Thayer, Perception at Provizio. 

The product is designed to be a primary forward-facing active sensor delivering high resolution and accurate 4D data (range, azimuth, elevation and velocity), in addition to DSP and AI/ML-enabled perception, giving it a 5th Dimension.

Performance characteristics include perception performance out to >600m, < 0.5° angular resolution and 5cm range resolution. The sensors’ field of view is 120° x 40° and, coupled with VizioPlex™ surround radars and 5D Perception® software, delivers a 1km safety cocoon around the vehicle.

Additional technological advancements included in this latest product from the Provizio team include a protected MIMSO® Active Antenna design, which utilises our proprietary chip technology which enables the extraction of 30x more resolution from each physical radar channel, delivering unmatched resolution with 12x less hardware and a subsequent reduction of costs.

The product’s patent-protected SPTDMA® multiplexing technique improves the resolution, clarity and range available for users, while the 5D Perception® algorithms and neural nets further enhance the sensor performance at the signal level, delivering key perception building blocks such as radar-based SLAM, object classification and tracking, and free space mapping.

“What sets Provizio apart is its innovative approach to radar technology; while radar itself is a well-known concept, Provizio takes it further by integrating imaging radar technology with advanced perception capabilities. Radar’s imaging capability and its cost-effectiveness and reliability have positioned it as a crucial player in safeguarding our roads, eliminating traffic fatalities and addressing the shortcomings of current vehicle autonomy systems. A hidden superpower of imaging radar is that it can be mounted inside a vehicle’s bumper, allowing 360° imaging without negatively impacting vehicle styling. The introduction of VizioPrime™ 6K reinforces the role of radar technology in proactively preventing untoward incidents and spearheads the direction the automotive industry is heading,” said Carl Jackson, Head of Corporate Strategy at Provizio. 

Founded by industry experts and entrepreneurs in 2019, the Provizio team comprises robotics, AI, vision, and radar sensor development experts. Provizio’s 5D Perception® driving platform offers OEMs the fastest and most reliable path to Level 3+ automation as part of the company’s mission to eliminate all road accidents and deliver a safe route to autonomy.

The platform offers the fastest, lowest cost and most reliable path to perception, delivering vehicle safety and ubiquitous autonomy; this latest advancement is furthering Provizio’s progress in reaching this goal.

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