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New Over-The-Air Update Improves Apple CarPlay Experience in Volvo Cars


Volvo Cars’ latest over-the-air update makes the infotainment system even better for Apple CarPlay users, arriving in Volvo cars globally with Google built-in.

The most notable improvement in this update is that Apple Maps and other supported navigation apps are becoming available in the driver display, just behind the steering wheel.

The driver display is now also presenting call information. You can answer, reject, and end calls using the buttons on the steering wheel, and with the centre display, you can directly hang up or mute the call. The CarPlay tile in the centre display now also features media information. The improved media interaction makes it easier for you to play, pause, and skip between songs.

“When our customers get in their Volvo car, we want it to be a better experience than the day before – our over-the-air updates are a cornerstone in this ambition,” says Alwin Bakkenes, our head of software engineering. “The latest update on CarPlay features is an excellent example of how we continuously improve and add features and functions with our technology partners, making our customers’ experience richer over time.”

Since Volvo Cars started rolling out over-the-air updates, it has constantly increased the number of customer cars reached, cementing the company’s position as an industry leader in updating car software remotely. Volvo Cars‘ previous update brought the total number of delivered over-the-air updates over the one million mark, and this update alone will be sent out to a record-high number of over 650,000 Volvo cars.

This update also brings a range of changes that improve the experience for all drivers. From now on, you can switch between driver support functions using the steering wheel buttons and choose whether the wing mirrors should fold when locking the car. Other changes include some minor engine calibration optimisations and bug fixes.



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