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​Lynk & Co Cyan Racing Selects Its First Two Drivers for TCR World Tour


Multiple touring car World Champion team Lynk & Co Cyan Racing has selected its first two drivers for the inaugural season of the TCR World Tour. Thed Björk and Ma Qing Hua will race two of the team’s four Lynk & Co 03 TCR race cars in the new championship.

“We are delighted to have Thed and Ma onboard for our TCR World Tour programme, two of the best touring car drivers in the world. Their extensive experience will be crucial to our programme as we return to a global race schedule with circuits like Macau and Bathurst,” said Fredrik Wahlén, Team Manager of Lynk & Co Cyan Racing.

Thed Björk will start his 12th season with Cyan Racing this year, claiming the 2017 World Title and three STCC titles with the team.

“I am as motivated for my 12th season as my first! The TCR World Tour means a new motivation for me to return to the international circuits and face a new type of opposition, and I think this will suit me well. And I look forward to continuing my cooperation with Ma, who I think completed an impressive first season with us last year,” said Thed Björk.

Former Formula 1 test driver and 2020 TCR China champion Ma Qing Hua will start his second season with Cyan Racing in 2023.

“I’m proud and excited to be a Lynk & Co Cyan Racing driver again this year. It’s a new season with a different format and new circuits, a tough challenge I’m looking forward to. I’m happy to be a team-mate to Thed again, we had good cooperation last year, and I look forward to further development,” said Ma Qing Hua.

The final two drivers of Lynk & Co Cyan Racing for the 2023 TCR World Tour season will be revealed at the beginning of March.


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