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What You Need To Remember When Restoring an Old Car


Restoring an old car doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience. Every car enthusiast needs to remember a few things before they start the process.

Some car lovers stick with buying, driving, and admiring. And then there are those car enthusiasts who like to get their hands dirty. Their favorite place is underneath the hood of an automobile, and that’s where they find true peace.

Working on a classic car is a dream come true for them. You may be one of them. But before you get on your coveralls, here’s what you need to remember when restoring an old car.

Break It Down

Restoring a classic car means starting from ground zero. It’s assembled, but it doesn’t run to its full potential. You need to break the car down and take everything apart. Doing so is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Disassembling it and reassembling every part will be the most rewarding course of action.

Start by removing the exterior trim and the lights. Keep track of every piece you collect. All those bolts and screws will be necessary later, so don’t lose anything. Keep every piece organized and stacked away on your workbench.

Examine the Parts

As you take apart everything, you need to examine every piece. Here’s where you check for damages or things that look beyond repair. Lots of parts will require some cleaning, so take a real good look at them just to be sure of their current state.

Before you begin taking apart things from under the hood, you should try and start the car. See if it’ll turn over. Listen for any distinctive sounds that could signal and tell you where issues and damages exist. You might be able to predict where your biggest problems lie before dismantling the engine.

Repair the Damage

Now, work on repairing the damage. This is the part that requires the most patience. Depending on the state of the car, you might have a long journey ahead of you, especially if you need to replace parts.

Remember, you can’t find all classic car pieces at your standard hardware stores. Some of them will take some time to find. When you do start the repairs, you may need to toss away old parts. Handle everything with care, especially when it comes to disposing of an automotive battery.

Work From the Inside Out

Work from the inside out. The exterior won’t be so difficult to repair and find parts for. A lot of the work will involve you buffing out and getting a new paint job. There could be some reupholstering of the seats too.

Focus on reassembling the engine and transmission first. Then, reroute the car’s electrical system. After that, install interior components like the seats and door panels. Finally, replace the trim, and add the lights, bumpers, exhaust, and doors. Soon it’ll be ready to ride.

Don’t start restoring an old car without being totally ready to work. You need to remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint, no matter how fast that automobile goes.


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