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Arctic Trucks Partners with Nissan for Historic Pole-to-Pole Expedition


The Nissan Ariya AT39, the first EV constructed by world-leading extreme vehicle specialists, Arctic Trucks, will embark on a 17,000-mile trip from the Magnetic North Pole to the South Pole. British adventurers Chris and Julie Ramsey will undertake the ten-month journey, taking them through 14 countries, starting on March 23, 2023.

The Ariya AT39 is a professionally re-engineered high mobility platform that balances the performance and efficiency of Nissan’s electric vehicle architecture with adaptations and enhancements to the body, suspension, steering, wheels, brakes, and more.

Key features of the vehicle include: Arctic Trucks re-engineering, BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain tires, Arctic Trucks strengthened underbody armour, and multiple Arctic Trucks hitches.

Founder of Arctic Trucks, Emil Grímsson, said: “For over 25 years we have specialised in providing logistical support, engineering expertise and expedition planning for projects in both polar regions. Our vehicles have proven over five times more fuel efficient than traditional alternatives, and we are continually looking for further improvements. We acknowledge that battery-based electric vehicles have important hurdles to overcome in the extreme cold, a challenge for which we are excited to be a part of developing solutions.”

Additionally, he noted: “The polar regions are critical to us all for various reasons, so operations there will only increase. This project will provide important information about how we develop our future vehicles. We’re excited to work alongside Chris and his team to support this timely and unique adventure.”

Arctic Trucks provide critical consultation, route planning, and logistical support for the expedition, focusing on the polar extremes. The tour will provide important information about how vehicles can be developed in polar regions and demonstrate EVs’ everyday capabilities.

Chris Ramsey, Pole to Pole EV Expedition Leader, commented: “One of the things that underpin all the adventures we do is that we take a standard production EV and aim to make minimal changes to demonstrate its real, everyday capabilities, regardless of where you are driving it. Our Nissan Ariya is no different, as the vehicle’s drivetrain and battery have remained factory standard, demonstrating just how capable and versatile the production Ariya is. I’m incredibly excited to get behind the wheel of what was already a brilliant vehicle but now feels equipped to reach the ends of the earth in style!”

Julie Ramsey, co-driver on Pole to Pole, commented: “The planning and preparation for Pole to Pole has been such a big part of our lives over the past four years, so I am looking forward to getting the expedition underway in March. We will discover so many interesting initiatives from communities and individuals taking positive action against climate change. I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences and stories with everyone. We are doing something that has never been attempted, a world-first, which ultimately makes it so exciting.”

Arctic Trucks is continuously pushing the boundaries in re-engineering the world’s best 4×4 vehicles to provide you with the same driving experience regardless of your adventure.

For over 20 years, Arctic Trucks have been breaking barriers worldwide. Whether at the extremes of the Arctic, performing in the countryside, or driving in the city, their vehicles give drivers the freedom to explore. Globally based in 11 locations, the first base in Asia is in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

The company, known for its expertise in building specialised vehicles for harsh environments, has established a strong presence in the region and continues to expand its operations to meet the increasing demand for its rugged and reliable cars.

With its strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Arctic Trucks has become a leading provider of vehicles for challenging terrains in the UAE and other parts of Asia.

For more details on the Pole to Pole expedition, including the latest updates as the team prepares for their epic adventure, head to


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