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New Government Plan May Save EV Owners £1000 a Year


Owners of electric vehicles are told how they could save up to £1000 a year under the government’s latest plan to install smart charging across the UK.

Electric car experts at have researched how EV drivers can save money on their energy bills or profit from the National Grid under the new electric vehicle smart charging action plan.

The new government scheme sets out to unlock the potential of smart electric vehicle charging, helping owners of electric vehicles save hundreds each year on their energy bills.

With the cap on the Energy Price Guarantee set to increase by 20% in April 2023, electric vehicle drivers can minimise their spending on energy bills.

The government states that the intelligent charging scheme plans to let motorists charge their EVs when the electricity is cheaper or cleaner.

Drivers can also use the electricity stored in their EVs to power their own homes, allowing them to benefit significantly from lower energy bills.

The scheme will also allow consumers to sell the electricity from their vehicles back to the National Grid for profit.

Billpayers who do not have an EV can also benefit from more sustainable and cheaper energy prices – reducing the demand when electricity is used on the grid from EV drivers will help lower energy prices for everyone.

This new innovative charging landmark initiative reports using the latest energy innovations to benefit EV drivers as the country works towards its zero emissions target on UK roads.

With the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars introduced in 2030, the smart charging plan aims to encourage more drivers further to switch to electric.

The report states that the average electric vehicle driver could save around £200 a year, and a high mileage driver £1000 a year, with the introduction of smarter charging across the UK.

The government is aiming to make smart charging commonplace for EV drivers by 2025 – further initiatives like bright lamppost charging on the street will help make this move happen.

To further the smart charging scheme, £16 million will be invested into these innovative technologies, which will harness the potential of the new way of charging.

Alongside smart lampposts, projects to enable domestic appliances to merge into a whole smart energy system, like heat pumps, charge points and batteries, will also be funded.

Tim Alcock at said: “It’s an excellent win for EV drivers – under the new smart charging scheme, you may save up to £1000 on energy bills.

“The government has announced that this scheme will allow you to use electricity to power your homes, energy which is otherwise stored in your vehicle, as well as being able to sell back electricity to the National Grid to make some money.”

He said it’s good news for those who don’t own an electric vehicle.

Mr Alcock stated: “By redReducingemand for electricity, such as pumping electricity from EVs into the home, this welp contribute to lowering the overall demand and costs for billpayers across the country.

“As we head towards increasing the energy price cap, the smart charging scheme is a positive step forward for the country to help reduce costs for all consumers.

“Investment into the smart energy system will also help EV drivers in the long run. Smart lampposts and merging domestic appliances into the system will help make more innovative charging easier for motorists.

“This recent announcement gives the electric vehicle industry hope that the right infrastructure is being put in place as the country moves towards the ban of new petrol and diesel cars in just seven years.”

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