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Drivers Warned As Winter Weather Here To Stay This Week


Motorists are being warned to prepare for adverse driving conditions as the UK braces itself for continued cold weather and treacherous driving conditions in the coming days.

Safety campaigners RoadAngel are warning drivers to take extra care before they head out on potentially icy roads over the next week.

They are urging motorists to ensure their vehicles are cold-weather-ready ahead of forecasted ice and snow in the days ahead.

Their advice includes inspecting tyres to ensure they have enough tread to cope with icy roads, ensuring windscreen washer fluid is fully topped up, and checking brake lights to ensure they are all working correctly.

A spokesman for RoadAngel said: “Weather forecasters are predicting some treacherous driving conditions in the days ahead, and it’s vital that motorists take measures now to minimise the risks of having an accident in the coming winter.

“Taking simple measures to check tyre tread and ensure brake and fog lights are fully working will help prevent accidents on icy roads.

“The UK hasn’t faced snow since the start of the year, which is why many drivers may have forgotten how dangerous it can be to drive in these harsher conditions.

“Thousands of accidents happen during rain, fog and snow, which is why drivers must follow our guide to ensure their safety on the road.”

Here are eight essential tips every driver should abide by in harsh snowy weather from the experts at RoadAngel:

  1. Check Tyre Tread

Regularly check tyre conditions as snowy weather increases the danger of braking safely. Tyre tread depth must be at a minimum of 1.6mm to keep safe while driving. If you want further preventive measures, invest in winter tyres to ensure a tighter grip on the road.

  1. Top Up Windscreen Washer

Fill up with a windscreen washer to ensure you have enough for long journeys in the snowy weather. The fluid helps to remove snow and ice while ensuring you have a clear vision of the road ahead.

  1. Inspect Brake Lights

Keep on top of checking the brake bulbs to prevent any drivers from rear-ending your car. It can be quickly done by slowly reversing into a wall and checking the side mirrors to see whether both red lights reflect.

  1. Check the Fog Lights

As an extra preventive measure, check to see if the fog light is working to ensure complete visibility on the road. If the lights are flicking or dimly lit, this could mean the bulbs need replacing and should be fixed immediately.

  1. Windscreen Wipers

The combination of snow and rain could bend the wipers making it extremely difficult to have a clear vision of the road. Before heading off in the car, remove heavy snow on the windscreen and replace damaged wipers ahead of long journeys.

  1. Increase Stopping Distance

Stopping distances need to be increased by up to 10 times when driving in the snow and ice. If you’re driving up to 70mph on the motorway in these conditions, keep in mind that it’ll take over 770m to bring the car to a complete stop.

  1. Clear Vision

A clear vision of the roads is vital, primarily as the earlier winter nights draw in. When the cold weather hits, pack a microfibre cloth for when you turn the heating on, as it helps clear the windscreen’s condensation and allows for a clear view of the road.

  1. Monitor Brake Conditions

Test the brakes before taking the car out, as they can become worn out if you’re pressing on them too hard. If you notice the brakes not working correctly, call the mechanic as soon as possible to prevent the chance of accidents.


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