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New DAF Steered Pusher Axle for Even Greater Efficiency


For even better fuel efficiency, higher payloads and enhanced manoeuvrability, DAF is introducing an Electric Hydraulic Steering (EHS) system on 6×2 tractors and rigid vehicles with a steered pusher axle. The new system is available for the complete New Generation DAF truck range: the XF, XG and XG⁺ and the XD, the ‘International Trucks of the Year 2022 and 2023’.

Weighty agricultural and construction material transports greatly benefit from the advantages of a steered pusher axle: precisely manoeuvring in combination with excellent yard-friendliness and an even higher payload. The driven pusher axle is an incredible waste collection and liquid transport option.

Lower Fuel Consumption

DAF’s new Electric Hydraulic Steering system succeeds the mechanical variant. The two steering arms and the auxiliary drop arm are replaced by an electronically-controlled steering pump unit, which results in 30 kilograms lower weight. Thanks to reduced friction, the new EHS system also results in a 0.3% fuel efficiency gain.

In addition, components of the new system take less space on the chassis, allowing up to 40% larger fuel tanks on the tractor version. The 900-litre fuel carrying capacity on the XD, XF, XG and XG⁺ further reduces operational costs by refuelling where fuel prices are lowest.

Precise Steering

The newly developed Electric Hydraulic Steering system continuously calculates the optimal steering angle for the steered pusher axle based on speed and wheelbase, guaranteeing exact steering. The turning circle of the tractor and rigid chassis models has been reduced by 12%, resulting in optimal manoeuvrability.

At speeds of over 45 km/h, the new electric hydraulic steered pusher axle locks itself in the straight-ahead position, guaranteeing maximum vehicle stability. The new electric-hydraulicly driven pusher axle’s wholly redesigned suspension, guide and lift add to the highest driver comfort.


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