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All-New Hyundai Kona Gets Bolder, More Dynamic, EV-Led Design With Unique Styling Across a Range of Powertrains


Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled an EV-derived, futuristic design for its new generation Kona subcompact SUV. The upscaled model will be available in four variants, including all-electric (EV), hybrid electric (HEV), internal combustion engine (ICE) and sporty N Line, with a universal architecture for all and unique styling for each*.

With the all-new Kona, Hyundai Motor has brought its commitment to sustainable mobility and technology-led design thinking to expand its EV offerings — innovated and advanced by the award-winning IONIQ lineup — while meeting the diverse mobility needs of its customers with a variety of powertrains.

“Upscaled with Kona’s unique character, the all-new Kona confidently expresses its bold and dynamic presence,” said SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Design Center. “Kona has evolved in every respect to embrace an even wider range of diversity, to become a true lifestyle supporter.”

The all-new Kona has evolved into a larger yet still urban-centric SUV with bolder styling that conveys a more dynamic road presence and driver-centric interior. To provide maximized ‘living space’ for customers, the all-new model grew to 4,355 mm in length, 150 mm longer than the previous generation, based on the EV variant. It also gained 25 mm in width and 60 mm in wheelbase length compared to the outgoing model without losing its iconic design identity.

Unlike most vehicles made available with various powertrains, the Kona started with the EV variant design, which was then adapted to the ICE, HEV and N Line models. This unconventional approach allowed Hyundai to bring tech-centric design thinking to all Kona variants. Despite the shared architecture, EV, ICE/HEV and sporty N Line model has distinctive futuristic styling.

The all-new Kona’s clean, distinctive nose characterizes the front section’s pure volume, contributing to the model’s smooth aerodynamic performance. The pure volume is highlighted by the stretched Seamless Horizon Lamp, pixelated on the EV variant, marking the first Hyundai model with a Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp that adds to the EV’s distinctive character. Kona’s use of Parametric Pixels also propagates a unique design element from Hyundai’s EV lineup.

Despite its futuristic appearance, the all-new Kona never lets one forget that it’s. Its dynamic styling is accentuated with boldly sculpted wheel arch cladding that incorporates headlamps and taillamps, reinforcing Kona’s underpinning.

The all-new Kona is replete with parametric surfaces. The sharp diagonal crease of the sides connects the satin chrome moulding from the belt line to the spoiler, creating a contour that wraps around the entire vehicle. The rear features another Seamless Horizon Lamp and a high-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) that is seamlessly integrated within the satin chrome moulding of the spoiler.

There are several styling variations between the powertrain variants. The EV gets pixel graphic details on the intake grille and rear bumper, a pixel-inspired 19-inch alloy wheel design, a black embracing line and optional black side mirrors and roof.

The ICE and HEV share a bold, rugged bumper, skid plate design, and black wheel arch cladding. The N Line boasts optional black side mirrors and roof, a wing-type spoiler, more aggressive front and rear designs with a wing-shaped bumper to emphasize a lower stance, distinctive 19-inch alloy wheels, a twin-muffler and a silver side skirt.

The all-new Kona’s exterior or ‘living space’ provides practical features and an evolved in-car experience to accommodate diverse lifestyles. The EV-derived universal architecture adapts a sporty layout with a floating horizontal C-Pad to emphasize its slim and expansive interior, providing a versatile space for drivers and passengers.

The 12.3-inch dual wide displays and floating module impart a high-tech impression. Ambient lighting enhances the user experience and convenience. The column-type shift-by-wire relocated from the centre console to behind the steering wheel provides an uncluttered layout and additional space for belongings in the central tunnel.

The second-row Curve-less Bench Seat reinforces Kona’s 1st-century urban design aesthetic. This living space offers a unique experience with maximum usability, comfort and convenience. Behind the second row is a maximized cargo space.

More details of the all-new Hyundai Kona will be unveiled in the coming months.

*Note: Availability of specifications described in the release and images may vary by trim, variant and market.


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