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Why Are There Still Manual Transmission Cars in Europe?


Numerous vehicles in the world are either manual or automatic transmissions. The majority of manual transmission cars are in Europe for particular reasons.

For many years, people have driven a manual or transmission vehicle, and over time, a transmission divide has formed between North America and Europe. While many people in North America drive automatic vehicles, most Europeans drive vehicles with manual transmissions. Europe’s continuous use of manual transmissions can be attributed to various factors of the continent’s history and present-day circumstances.

Driving Lessons in Europe Use Manual Transmissions

In their teenage years, many Europeans have driving lessons involving a manual transmission as their practice vehicle. After they acquire their license, it is easier to use a manual vehicle instead of switching to an automatic one and becoming used to the driving style of that transmission.

As many people across Europe have this training as the norm, it has become a common element of European culture to drive a manual transmission. Since more people have gone through this process over the years, the children of these manual drivers will learn how to drive these cars from their parents. And these people will most likely inherit them from their parents or relatives as their first car.

A Focus on Safe Driving

Safety is always a priority on the road, which is why there are still numerous manual transmission cars in Europe. While driving a manual transmission, there is a stronger need for focus to ensure traffic flow isn’t disrupted as you shift gears.

This increased focus amongst multiple drivers creates safer road conditions, as more people have a concentrated attitude when driving. Automatic transmissions are still safe to drive, but given the vehicle shifts gears on its own, it’s easier to become distracted by things such as texting, eating, or drinking.

The European Landscape

Across Europe, the land has numerous hills and narrow roads, which may make driving an automatic transmission difficult. A manual transmission will make it easier to drive up inclines by shifting into a higher gear, compared to automatics that need to reach a certain RPM to shift gears.

Shifting to lower gears on a manual will make a more controlled descent, and you won’t need to rely as much on the brakes. This ease of use throughout the diverse Europen landscape is one reason why Europe has so many vehicles with manual transmissions.


Although fewer cars in North America employ manual transmission, there are plenty in Europe. As many Europeans drive manual transmissions, it only makes sense that these vehicles are available across the continent.

There are many luxury car brands originating in Europe. Lamborghinis got rid of their manual transmission due to the popularity of their automatics and their efficiency in accelerating on the road, which requires easier shifting between gears. However, there are still plenty of other newer cars with manual transmissions.

The use of manual transmission has been a key element in Europe, and these vehicles will continue to fill the roads as more Europeans drive them. It is unlikely that Europe will switch to automatic transmission vehicles, which is most likely due to the practicality and safety of a manual transmission.


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