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International Driving Guide – Tips for Every Kind of Weather 


From hurricane winds in Florida to sandstorms in Dubai, motorists have been told how to stay safe when out on the road in the world’s most extreme weather conditions. 

Holiday car rental experts at have told drivers what steps to take if they find themselves caught driving in dangerous conditions, whether on holiday or at home.

Staying safe when caught out on the road in extreme weather can be as much down to being in a suitable, fully functioning vehicle as making the right decisions.

Ensuring headlights are fully working and the windscreen isn’t cracked are essential tips to help drivers stay safe when the weather turns for the worst.

As well as checking the vehicle is roadworthy, other recommendations cover driving style in extreme weather conditions to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Accelerating less in heavy rain and avoiding driving under or near specific structures during earthquakes and aftershocks will help drivers stay safe in all conditions.

Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world for domestic US holidaymakers and those coming from overseas.

It isn’t unusual for motorists touring these theme parks when driving in Orlando to face sudden heavy rainfall and high winds, so knowing what steps to take is crucial to stay safe.

A spokesperson from, the best place for car hire in Orlando, said: “Driving in heavy rain or on icy roads is a challenge for even the most experienced driver, but anyone caught out in the most extreme weather the world has to offer needs to be prepared for the worst.

“With winter closing in for the northern hemisphere, the danger of heavy rainfall and blizzards increase, while high winds and even dust storms in warmer countries pose a serious threat to drivers.

“Driving in harsh weather can lead to difficulties with steering and braking, so it’s vital for drivers to regularly check and maintain their vehicle, from monitoring tyre tread to the durability of their windscreen wipers.

“Not only is car maintenance important, but it’s crucial for drivers to adapt their driving during extreme weather by braking safely and driving slower, as it can make a big difference when keeping safe on the road.”

Here are‘s top tips for driving under dangerous weather:

Heavy Rainfall – UK

Countries like the UK face increased flash flooding and heavy rainfall during winter. You should double your stopping distances in the rain, as the wet tarmac can increase the chances of skidding and lead to braking difficulties.

Snow and Hail – Canada

Ensure your windscreen is in a suitable condition to withstand heavy hail, which can easily damage the glass. If there are any chips or cracks in the screen, you must get it fixed immediately to avoid any dangerous consequences from heavy hail on a broken windscreen. Another tip is to ensure the windscreen wipers are fully working; otherwise, it’ll cause severe vision obstruction.

 Hot Climates – Australia

For many countries with warmer climates over the winter, it’s vital to check the conditions of car components such as the tyres and the cooling system. Checking the tyre tread in hot climates such as Dubai and Australia, drivers need to monitor as the climate can lead to tyres overinflating due to a rapid increase in psi.

Dust Storms – Dubai

It’s a must for drivers to check that their headlights are working and on in dust storms, not so that you have better visibility but also so that other drivers can see you. Headlights make it easier to see other vehicles and keep a safe distance. If visibility gets too bad, turn off to the side of the road and switch all lights off until it clears up or drive carefully until you reach the nearest exit.

Strong winds – Florida

Be vigilant, as strong winds can cause debris to be blown onto the road causing unexpected obstructions. It’s essential to take it slow to give you time to react to debris and gusts pushing the car across the street. Gusts which reach up to 40mph can pose a severe risk to your safety, so it’s best to monitor forecasted wind speeds and stay off the road if possible.

Earthquakes – San Francisco

If you find yourself driving during an earthquake, immediately pull over to the side of the road and make sure to stay clear of any bridges and bypasses to avoid the risk of any collapses, which can leave you trapped in the car.


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