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Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Arrives in Qatar


The new Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (EWB) is launching in Qatar with the creation of a special edition series – the ‘Qatar Editions by Mulliner‘. Bentley Mulliner excels in designing unique and one-off commissions, which are handcrafted and personalized, representing the ultimate in Bentley luxury. For the arrival of the Bentley flagship in Qatar, a suite of 17 special vehicles has been created.

Qatar is the first country in the Middle East to launch the Bentayga EWB, and the celebration will showcase an exclusive Qatar edition – created by the Mulliner team. Each model in the collection has a unique specification to celebrate the country.

With Qatari customers’ appreciation for Mulliner’s craftsmanship, Mulliner has included unique features in 75% of Bentleys sold in Qatar since the beginning of 2021.

With a bright bespoke paint finish called Fuchsia Pearlescent inspired by the Qatari flag, the seemingly white cars reflect a fuchsia hue upon catching the light. This is the most time-consuming paint finish ever created for a Bentley, combining the fuchsia pearl effect with a unique glass flake to create deep sparkle. To complement the Qatar flag theme, the wheels feature a three-tone design with Fuchsia Pearlescent paint on the pockets, bright machined faces, and fuchsia accents, in addition to the Fuchsia Pearlescent paint on the exterior to enhance the overall look with the ‘Qatar Edition’ logo placed around the car, including the key fob, badge, and fascia overlay.

Throughout the cabin, Linen, Damson and magenta colours are accented by geometric quilts on the seatbacks, doors, and backboards. Additionally, bespoke geometric overlays inspired by arabesque mosaics were applied to the fascias, waist rails, and picnic tables.

The official market launch of the Bentayga EWB, alongside unveiling th’ ‘Qatar Editions by Mullin’r’, will take place at an exclusive event hosted by Bentley Motors and Bentley Qatar at a newly created luxury venue’ ‘The Bentley Loun’e’ at The Pear   The pop-up venue will be welcoming guests throughout the World Cup. It will remain open until the end of Ramadan 2023.

The Bentayga EWB offers features such as Bentley Diamond Illumination, which emits light through perforations in the soft feel door trim to illuminate the interior. The optional Airline Seat Specification elevates the rear cabin experience to enable maximum relaxation in the back, while the NAIM for Bentley offers the worlworld’st in-car sound system.

The exhibition will showcase a model of the Bentayga Speed, which follows the same spirit of the Qatar edition, and a Bentley Bentayga V8 painted in ‘Frosty Fla’es’, another ‘nique paint colour from Mulliner. The V8 will feature a 22-inch Mulliner Paragon wheel with Frosty Flakes pockets and a silver face accented by magenta accents.

The Bentayga S that will also be displayed at the event will feature a different theme. With the extra or paexterior’sambrian Grey, the body colour painted bright ware and two-tone black and Cambrian Grey S wheels, Mulliner has elevated the external language of the Bentayga S, especially for this Edition.


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