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Hyundai Kona Named 2023 Hispanic Motor Press City Car of the Year


The Hyundai Kona has been named City Car of the Year in the 2023 Hispanic Motor Press Awards. The 13th Annual awards program recognizes the best vehicles for Hispanic consumers based on styling, driving satisfaction, technology, safety, environmental impact, mechanical reliability, and value.

“At Hyundai, we continuously strive to address the needs of today’s automotive buyers, and this award further validates our class-leading vehicles are resonating with Hispanic consumers,” said Olabisi Boyle, vice president, of product planning and mobility strategy, Hyundai Motor North America. “Kona offers our consumers sporty and eco-focused powertrain options combined with advanced technology, upgraded connectivity, generous convenience and comprehensive safety features.”

“Hyundai continues to deliver quality vehicles with the right combination of technology and attributes that are important for Hispanic drivers,” said Ricardo Rodriguez-Long, founder and president of the Hispanic Motor Press Foundation. “The 2023 Kona, available with different powertrain options ranging from a zero-emission electric, turbo, sporty N-line or high-performance N model, provides the right balance to appeal to a diverse set of Hispanic consumers and their families seeking a fun, stylish, spacious, and safe vehicle perfect for city driving.”

Hispanic Motor Press Awards

The Hispanic Motor Press Awards are the premier independent Hispanic awards presented in the country for the Hispanic community to help, educate, and pre-select the best vehicle options in the market. This year’s jury panel comprises 22 national Hispanic journalists, content creators, and influencers who assess vehicles while considering key purchase drivers for Hispanic families in quality, reliability, style, safety, technology, and value.


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