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Tools You’ll Need When You Get a Motorcycle


If you’re looking to get a motorcycle, you should first learn more about the tools you’ll need to maintain and repair the bike as you should.

Motorcycles are just like any other vehicle when it comes to maintenance needs, as you need to clean both the outside and inspect and fix inner parts and damage. That’s why every owner needs certain tools to help maintain and repair their bike as necessary. Here’s a look at some of the tools you’ll need when you get a motorcycle.

Variety of Wrenches

Some of the most important tools you need for motorcycle repairs and maintenance are a wide variety of wrenches. From open-ended wrenches to torque and socket wrenches, lots of the parts inside a motorcycle need different wrenches for repairs. Many people get by with open-ended and socket wrench sets, but you’ll eventually want more.

Multi-Tipped Screwdriver

Many of the parts and panels on a motorcycle use screws to stay in place, which you’ll need to remove when performing maintenance. You’ll likely need a variety of screwdrivers to undo every screw, but you can use multi-tipped screwdrivers instead of several different screwdrivers.

Needle-Nose Pliers

Pliers are a major part of maintenance, as they help you hold things in place or reach into the small spaces of your bike to grab things. Needle-nose pliers are a lot thinner and can fit into smaller spaces, which is great for maintenance. This is why these pliers are among the tools necessary for changing out headlights.

Impact Driver

Motorcycles go through stress when you drive, and that can put pressure on the screws in your bike. That’s why your screws sometimes won’t turn and get stuck during maintenance. Impact drivers are exactly the tool you need to dislodge these screws so that you can open up your motorcycle as you need.

Bike Stand

Motorcycle maintenance can be difficult and dangerous to both your bike and you if the bike isn’t stationary during the process. That’s why a good bike stand is necessary. It holds the bike in place as you repair the bike. Get a bike stand that holds the center of the motorcycle for the best results.

These are the tools you’ll need when repairing and maintaining your motorcycle. While many other tools can help make the process easier, these are the main tools you utilize to care for your bike.


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