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World’s First All-Terrain Hypercar Unveiled in Dubai


Prospective buyers for the world’s first all-terrain hypercar have been putting the vehicle through its paces in Dubai with the help of international rally raid star Nani Roma.

The original Prodrive Hunter was built to tackle the notoriously tricky Dakar Rally. Roma, a two-time event winner, has played an essential role in developing the new road-going version unveiled in Dubai this week.

Supercar enthusiasts and potential buyers got behind the 600 bhp, four-wheel drive Hunter wheel in the Al Qhudra dunes before switching to the co-driver’s seat alongside the Spanish driver for a ride they will not easily forget.

Designed to negotiate the most demanding desert regions, the Hunter is also in its element on urban highways and downtown traffic. Its power and versatility give the Prodrive Hunter unrivalled performance across any terrain. This makes the UAE a prime market for Prodrive, which is building a limited number of Hunters to the unique specification of individual buyers.

“We came to Dubai to give prospective buyers the opportunity of driving the car for the first time and experience the power and all-round performance of the Hunter in their local terrain,” said Prodrive chairman David Richards.

“It was good to have Nani Roma on hand to demonstrate the full performance of the Hunter and explain what makes it such a unique vehicle.”

The hypercar was born from the competition car driven by Roma, nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb, and Argentine Orlando Terranova, in this year’s Dakar in January.

More recently, Loeb and fellow French driver Guerlain Chicherit took Prodrive Hunters to successive victories in the World Rally-Raid Championship.

The hypercar is even more potent than the rally version, boasting a 50% increase in power from its 3.5 litres V6 twin-turbo engine and more suspension travel to absorb the harshest terrain.

It is also far more refined, with a stylish interior, better air conditioning, and other features more in keeping with everyday use than a vehicle designed initially to win the world’s toughest car rally.

The car can accelerate from 0-100 kph in less than four seconds, with a speed of nearly 300 kph. The Hunter starts at £1.25m plus local taxes.

Hunter Hypercar Specification


3.5 litre V6 twin-turbo

Single plenum/throttle

Dry sump

Power over 600 bhp

Torque 700 Nm


High-resolution digital display

9” touchscreen multimedia player

Carbon fibre seats

Six-point safety harness

Dual fire extinguisher system

Lightweight lithium-ion battery


Double wishbone

Two adjustable dampers per wheel

Electronic ride height Adjustment


4-wheel drive

Six-speed paddle shift gearbox

Front, centre and rear Differentials

Wheel & Tyres

8.5J x 17” forged aluminium rims

37/12.5-17 off-road tyres

Fuel System

200 litre in a safety cell


High-strength steel tubular structure

Carbon fibre composite bodywork, including recycled materials


Six pot front callipers

Six-pot rear callipers

Vented discs


(Any) Bespoke options available


£1.25m plus local taxes


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