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All-Electric Volvo EX90 Will Debut November 9


Volvo has confirmed that its new electric flagship SUV will be called EX90 and that this new model will debut November 9. Slated to replace the XC90, the EX90 should look much like last year’s Recharge concept car, pictured here. We expect it to go on sale in the U.S. sometime next year as a 2024 model.

In the forthcoming Volvo EX90 all-electric flagship SUV revealed on November 9, that legacy continues. The standard safety in the EX90 will be beyond any Volvo, as it should be because only innovation can drive us forward and improve things.

Volvo will continue to innovate until cars don’t crash anymore and until it is 100 per cent carbon-free as a company—all to protect more lives, in line with its purpose. The EX90 is the start of a new era for Volvo Cars, taking Volvo’s legacy of safety, quality and innovation into the future.

Understanding the Human Experience

So what can you expect in the new Volvo EX90? It’s a car designed to understand you and its surroundings to help keep you, your loved ones and others in traffic safe. It can also get more competent and safer over time as it learns from new data and receives updates.

The development of Volvo’s latest safety technology is based on understanding human behaviour, rooted in decades of its own and others’ safety research. Everyone is likely to experience or be affected by at least one car crash.

That’s not a judgment: Volvo knows that you’re a great driver, alert and ready to act when needed most of the time. 

We know that distraction and tiredness are facts of life and that they travel with us. We know that you may not always be at your best. And in traffic, it takes only a few seconds for the unthinkable to happen.

So Volvo aims to help its clients be better drivers and reduce the crash risk. The Volvo EX90 comes with an invisible shield of safety that includes Volvo’s latest sensing technology, allowing the car to understand your state of mind and the world around you.

Tireless Sensors

Start with the outside. State-of-the-art sensors like cameras, radars and LiDAR, all powered by Volvo’s core computing platform and software, work together to create a 360-degree real-time view of the world.

Volvo’s sensors don’t get tired or distracted and are designed to respond and react when you’re just a millisecond too late. Volvo’s  LiDAR senses the road in front of you day or night at highway speeds. It can see small objects hundreds of metres ahead, creating more time to inform, act and avoid.

Volvo’s research indicates that its software and sensors can help reduce accidents that result in severe injury or death by up to 20 per cent.

Likewise, Volvo estimates it can even improve overall crash avoidance by up to 9 per cent, which could lead to millions of accidents avoided over time. That would be a big step in safety and for humanity.

A Watchful Guardian

Inside, Volvo’s invisible safety shield also looks out for you—special sensors and cameras, powered by Volvo’s in-house developed algorithms, gauge eye gaze concentration. The technology allows the EX90 to see when you’re distracted, tired or otherwise inattentive, beyond what has been possible in a Volvo car.

It will alert you, first softly nudging, then more insistent if needed. And if the unthinkable happens, and you fall asleep or take ill while driving, the EX90 is designed to stop and call for help safely.

Volvo will reveal many more details about its new all-electric flagship in the coming weeks before the global reveal on November 9, so stay tuned!

For Volvo, safety is not a marketing exercise or another regulatory hurdle to clear. It’s at the core of its purpose as a company. Volvo’s chief executive Jim Rowan puts it in a new keynote, available for viewing below:

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