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Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley to Host 7th Mobility Innovators Forum 


Today, Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) announced that Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley would host the seventh annual Mobility Innovators Forum (MIF) on September 22nd at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco.

Under the theme of ‘Orchestrating Ecosystems,’ participants will showcase and discuss how best to harmonize the interconnected innovations of mobility ecosystems to make a human-centred mobility future a reality.

“We are extremely excited to return to an in-person event at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco with a distinguished roster of speakers for the MIF addressing this year’s theme of ‘Orchestrating Ecosystems’ for human-centred mobility,” said Henry Chung, SVP and Head of Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley. “With so many aspects of mobility innovation being dynamically affected by global events and economics, we are all looking forward to hearing how open innovation and other forms of collaboration can be best leveraged by our broad array of mobility innovation experts, covering government, corporations, universities, startups and investors.”

MIF 2022 will begin with an impactful keynote speech from David Hochschild, Chair of the California Energy Commission and will follow with in-person discussions held between mobility industry leaders, innovators, startups, and investors from both the public and private sectors.

The event will include a series of talks with diverse topics such as ‘Taking action: the NorCAL ZERO project’, ‘Preparing the next manufacturing’, ‘Scaling driverless technology, ‘Co-design and create circularity,’ and ‘The next era of mobility.

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Later in the day, a panel discussion around ‘Investing in mobility innovation and supporting the ecosystem’ will be led by Marianne Wu, Venture Partner of Congruent Ventures; Jake Wieseneck, Investment Principal at Maniv Mobility; Chris Stallman, Partner at Fontinalis; and Rens Valk, Investor at Shell Ventures.

In addition, Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley will host topic-oriented virtual breakout sessions on subjects as diverse as ‘Carbon capture and its applications in the automotive industry, ‘The evolution of in-cabin comfort’, and ‘Innovations for the future of manufacturing. Dubbed ‘MIF Ignite,’ these sessions will be moderated by Hyundai to foster potential networking and further discussion between the Group and registered audiences.

On the MIF 2022 website, visitors can learn more about the Group’s diverse innovations through digital content at MIF Channel.

Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley has hosted MIF since 2016, convening global leaders and industry experts to discuss the future of mobility and inclusive society. MIF 2020 was held virtually due to the pandemic and attracted more than 3,500 participants under the theme, ‘From Vision to Reality.’

Hyundai CRADLE works around the globe as an open innovation hub for Hyundai Motor Group, partnering with and investing in global startups to accelerate the development of advanced automotive technologies. CRADLE collaborates with universities, investment companies, venture capitalists and numerous research groups.

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