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3 Ways To Improve Your Car’s Braking Power


Braking power is important for cars, and if you want to improve your safety on the road, you may wish to find ways to improve your braking power.

Vehicles on the road can be unpredictable, and accidents are common due to someone not having the ability to brake in time. Fortunately, there are ways to improve this braking power and give your vehicle the ability to keep you safer on the road.

Implement Larger Disks

There are multiple components on a wheel, such as the disks clamped onto the inside. These disks are a primary component for causing the wheel to stop moving, thus allowing the car to brake. As the wheels move, the disks move with the motion of the wheels. When you step on the car brakes, the disks clamp onto the wheels and create enough friction to stop the wheels from turning. If these wheels are larger, there is more surface area to push against the wheel and cause a more instantaneous stop, which will help the vehicle’s braking power.

Use Tires With Better Grip

All tires need a certain amount of grip to create traction as they push against the road. This grip is attained by strong rubber and treads within the tire’s surface. Multiple tread patterns in a tire help it grip the street or any uneven part of the road, such as a pothole. The tire’s rubber needs durability and textile strength to conform to the road’s surface and allow drivers to move at a steady pace regardless of the road conditions.

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These two tire factors are essential for improving the vehicle’s braking power. The car can stop by creating enough resistance, thanks to the tire’s grip. It’s important to rotate tires regularly to ensure that they don’t wear out quickly on the road from the constant stopping and don’t slide when you brake.

Improve Friction Between the Braking Pad and the Rotor

The braking pads and rotors are two more essential parts of the wheel. Both pieces create the friction needed to stop the vehicle; if either is worn down, the car will slide. Having thicker braking pads to push against the rotor and a material that absorbs more heat for the rotor will help you increase braking power. It’s important to have your car brakes serviced every six months to ensure that these components are well maintained and can stop your vehicle.

The brakes are essential for your time on the road. Make sure you use these tips to help you increase that power and help you have more reactive braking to prevent accidents.

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