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5 Common Things That Cause Engine Problems

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Engine problems are an everyday thing for many people, and when the check engine light comes on, it’s good to know the common causes of the issues.

The engine is an essential system in any gas or diesel vehicle, and it comes with its risk of problems. Multiple things may go wrong in an engine, and it’s important to try and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Knowing the causes of engine issues will help you avoid them in the future.

Oil Leakage

An oil leak is a serious problem that will lead to many hazards on the road and will damage parking spaces. The oil in the car is responsible for the lubrication of moving parts, so it’s important to keep your engine’s oil reserves filled. If your car leaks oil, the engine will lose lubrication, and the moving parts will grind against each other and sustain damage.

Blocked Radiators

Radiators are part of the cooling system within an engine, and if the radiators malfunction, the vehicle will overheat and begin to break down. Over time, your engine will age and start to rust, which may cause a blockage in the radiator. A blocked radiator is a common engine problem and a primary cause of overheating in vehicles. Frequently checking the radiators will help prevent a blockage and keep your engine cool and running.

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Low Turbo Pressure

For vehicles that have a turbocharger, some problems may occur with the turbo. Since the turbo is responsible for pushing air into the combustion chamber, the air pressure will need a proper amount of expansion and compression to give the best boost. But if the process within the turbo results in low pressure, the engine won’t produce as much combustion as expected and won’t feel as powerful. A loose air hose or an unsteady turbine are common causes of low air pressure in the turbo, which is why regular maintenance is important for your turbocharger.


A misfire in an engine occurs when it starts up or idles and may occur from poor combustion that won’t supply enough pressure for the cylinders to move. The cylinders need enough pressure to move frequently, allowing the vehicle to run. Misfires are a common engine problem, but they usually correct themselves; you may want to have your engine inspected if you hear more frequent misfires.

Issues in the Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is essential for a combustion engine and requires a specific amount of fuel and air pressure to produce energy for the car. If the combustion chamber is damaged, it could create an imbalance that causes the vehicle to have intervals of accelerated speed that may surprise the driver and potentially damage other parts of the engine. Fortunately, combustion chambers are repairable at an auto repair shop.

The engine is a great system that performs many functions for the vehicle. When you know how to identify these common problems, you will have an easier time troubleshooting your engine.

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