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Check Out DMC’s Modified Maserati MC20


It’s hard to improve on Maserati’s high-horsepower V6 supercar. Still, the German tuner DMC starts by boosting performance with a new ECU, a high-performance air philtre and a new sports exhaust system that increases power to 705 hp and torque to 476 lb-ft. Remember that the standard figures are 621 hp and 538 lb-ft of torque.

There’s also an eye-catching body kit made entirely of carbon fibre. It resembles a GT3 race car with new vents on the front wings, a carbon-fibre bonnet and a carbon-fibre front lip. There are new carbon sills on the sides, a powerful DMC rear wing, and a new diffuser area at the rear.

DMC is also the King of Rock hard suspension, as a new sports suspension lowers the MC20 by about 30mm. The wheels are forged exclusively for the MC20 and are made by the Canadian company PUR Wheels.

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