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Lotus Launches New E-Commerce Site for Parts, Accessories and Merchandise


Lotus estimates that up to 70% of its cars are still on the road worldwide, all cherished by their owners and used regularly. Lotus has unveiled a new online retail platform to maintain this enviable record and encourage more owners globally to keep their cars running.

The e-commerce site has thousands of parts, accessories and consumables available to buy, from 1981 and the era of Esprit and Excel to the more recent Elise, Exige and Evora. All components are either original from the period or manufactured to OEM specifications.

To ensure that the right part is selected, a comprehensive search tool is located on the landing page, including the Lotus model, year, driveline and trim level. Further assistance can be found via the official Lotus parts manuals, also available for purchase on the platform.

In addition, the site includes the full range of contemporary Lotus lifestyle merchandise, clothing and accessories. Legacy items, such as period keyrings and car covers for older Lotus cars, are also available. Customers can either collect from or choose direct delivery from their local retailer agent.

Chris Hinks, Director, Aftersales, Lotus, said: “A Lotus car is designed, developed and built to be driven in a spirited way, and so it’s vital that we support owners worldwide in keeping their cars performing as our engineers intended. Moving our entire parts and accessories business to this new and fully searchable online portal is improving our service to them.”

He continued: “Some Lotus owners have their workshop facilities and enjoy maintaining their cars, and others rely on authorised retailers and repairers. We always encourage our customers to maintain their cars to specification for the full ‘signed-off’ experience, and will significantly improve our already outstanding service levels, making that easier than ever.”

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