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Hagerty To Open New Clubhouse at Bicester Heritage

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Hagerty announces opening a brand-new UK Clubhouse at renowned classic car centre of excellence, Bicester Heritage.

Hagerty is at the forefront of global car culture, with an unrivalled selection of automotive events, industry-leading insurance products, and multi-platform content. In the UK, Hagerty hosts pioneering events such as the Festival of the Unexceptional and RADwood, both of which attract new audiences to the world of classic cars. The new Hagerty Clubhouse further enhances Hagerty’s ability to interact and engage with clients, members and classic vehicle enthusiasts.

Bicester Heritage started a revolution in historic vehicle ownership in the UK. Set in a unique location, it has created the UK’s centre of historic motoring excellence by creating an impressive ‘motoring marina’. Founded in 2013, Bicester Heritage is now home to over 50 specialist automotive businesses, part of the more comprehensive Bicester Motion location at its 444-acre former WW2 RAF Bomber Training Station. The site is now held as a national exemplar of constructive conservation by Historic England.

The Hagerty Clubhouse is situated within Bicester Heritage. It will undergo a complete interior redesign adding bespoke member lounges, a nice bar area and an exhibition space for curated vehicle displays, all of which will create a unique space within the Bicester Heritage site.

Hagerty will present regular events at the venue, including industry presentations, celebrity talks, and car culture-inspired activities for all types of classic and enthusiast vehicle enthusiasts. Hagerty customers may also use the space to discuss their insurance requirements or simply as a place to relax whilst visiting Bicester Heritage. In a further commitment to car clubs, Hagerty will allow clubs of all sizes to host AGMs and member meets within its clubhouse.

Bicester Heritage events attract tens of thousands of automotive enthusiasts every year, the eclectic range of vehicles in attendance demonstrating the variety of machinery the British classic vehicle community covets, blending perfectly with Hagerty’s ethos of celebrating car culture and the vehicles within it. To enhance the events offered at Bicester Heritage, Hagerty will open the clubhouse doors to guests at every Bicester Scramble and Scramblers event, the Bicester Heritage membership club, with exclusive drive-outs and meets planned to enhance Hagerty members’ event experience.

Mark Roper, Managing Director of Hagerty International, said: “Hagerty has been connected to Bicester Heritage for many years as a prior sponsor of Scramble and Scramblers events and the StarterMotor charity, and now we take that relationship further by becoming a resident business. Our new clubhouse will host a selection of member and public events designed to appeal to classic vehicle enthusiasts from all sectors. Everyone is welcome to visit the Hagerty Clubhouse when we open for business in 2023.”

Daniel Geoghegan, Chief Executive of Bicester Motion, comments: “Hagerty’s mission to preserve and promote classic car culture, skills and passion resonate perfectly at Bicester Heritage; it’s a mission and vision that we all share and builds on the already strong relationship between Hagerty and ourselves.”

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