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4 Modifications to Your Car That Will Increase Mileage

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Mileage is an important aspect of any vehicle to drive longer distances, and if we want to improve our car’s mileage, we need to add modifications.

Travel is an important part of our daily lives, and our vehicles are the most common forms of transportation we rely on. We want to travel far with our vehicle with the least amount of gas possible to save money and time. Adding these modifications will make your commute faster and more efficient.

Larger Bumper

A vehicle’s bumpers protect the car in the case of an accident or collision. They also direct the flow of air under your car. A larger bumper will increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by creating better aerodynamics. It breaks through the wind and causes the air to move around your car instead of underneath, which previously created drag and slowed down the vehicle.

Larger Fenders

The fender protects the wheel from receiving damage and prevents foreign objects from inserting themselves inside the wheel system. Modifying your vehicle with larger fenders will increase the mileage by allowing your car to fit wider tires. Your vehicle will have more traction with wide tires since more of the tire makes contact with the road. You will gain more ground and have a better turn radius, so you won’t use as much fuel while driving.

Quality Spoilers

Spoilers come in various sizes and attach to different areas of a vehicle. The spoiler is a body mod to improve your car’s performance and reduce wind interference. It acts as a blade to slice through the wind as it passes over or under your vehicle and “spoils” the airflow, hence the name.

Cars use more fuel when they have to apply more work into their automation, decreasing their overall mileage. Improving aerodynamics will help you travel faster and with more fuel efficiency. There are spoilers for the bottom of your car, the sides, and most commonly, atop the trunk.

Quality Turbocharger

A turbocharger is a great modification to the engine to help with mileage and speed. The turbocharger will compress air and feed it into the engine’s combustion chamber, so more fuel will mix with the air to make more energy for the vehicle. With a turbocharger, you will get more bang for your buck and have an efficient drive.

There are numerous modifications to improve your vehicle’s performance on the road. These modifications will increase fuel economy and help you arrive at your destination with great efficiency.

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