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LIQUI MOLY Demonstrates Its Full Range at Automechanika Frankfurt

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LIQUI MOLY, Germany’s lubricant specialist, will present its entire portfolio at the world’s largest industry event from 13 to 17 September. Across over 450 square meters, the focus will primarily be on products and services for garages and specialist retail customers.

Trade experts from the garage and aftermarket segments know that LIQUI MOLY offers more than just lubricants, motor oils and additives made in Germany. The Ulm-based company’s product range is enormous, and visitors can get a feel for this at the large stand in exhibition hall 9.1. In addition to its core business, the company will show visitors its sophisticated equipment and concepts that enable business partners to offer full-service solutions to their customers.

“It is important to us that our business partners can generate sales with our products and increase their customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer all business partners individual concepts from marketing to equipment for use in garages,” Günter Hiermaier, Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY.

For example, the Gear Tronic III automatic transmission flushing unit or JetClean Tronic II for fuel and intake system cleaning will be presented. Garages can use these to offer their customers a valuable and highly sought-after additional service. The lubricant producer will also explain the latest developments in the motor oil sector concerning low-viscosity oils and the importance of modern additives for the service life and efficiency of modern engines – in cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and boats.

LIQUI MOLY will not only be demonstrating its competence underneath the metal, and the company also has much to offer regarding vehicle care, including innovations like the paint detailer. The Swabians will also be exhibiting the Tornador Gun, a particular compressed air cleaning gun for professional interior cleaning.

The maintenance and care of all types of vehicles include not only cleaning all parts but also repairs. LIQUI MOLY also offers various complete services for business customers in this area. Among other things, the company will be presenting its glass repair and windshield replacement concept.

At LIQUI MOLY, this always includes training and individual marketing modules for all business customers, including online marketing measures that will bring end customers directly to the partner garage.

Experts from all relevant departments, right up to the management level, will be on hand to talk to trade visitors.

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