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Hyundai Leads Championship Heading Into Watkins Glen International Race

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Since 2019, Hyundai and Bryan Herta Autosport (BHA) have earned three podiums and two second-place finishes at upstate New York’s historic Watkins Glen International circuit.

All five drivers who earned those podiums—Mark Wilkins, Michael Lewis, Taylor Hagler, Parker Chase, and Ryan Norman—will be racing for Hyundai and BHA this weekend, vying to stand one step higher on the podium. Hyundai leads the manufacturers’, teams’ and drivers’ championship battles ahead of the event.

  • Watkins Glen International: 3.4-mile, 11-turn, purpose-built road course
  • Current Championship Leaders: Taylor Hagler and Michael Lewis, No. 1 Hyundai Elantra N TCR
Hyundai Championship Standings
Total Points
1 M. Lewis / T. Hagler Bryan Herta Autosport #1 Elantra N TCR 900
2 R. van der Steur / T. Gonzalez Van der Steur Racing #19 Veloster N TCR 810
4 H. Gottsacker / P. Chase Bryan Herta Autosport #98 Elantra N TCR 710
8 M. Johnson / S. Simpson Bryan Herta Autosport #54 Elantra N TCR 720
9 R. Wickens / M. Wilkins Bryan Herta Autosport #33 Elantra N TCR 700
11 T. Maxson / M. Filippi Bryan Herta Autosport #77 Veloster N TCR 620
12 R. Norman / A. Muss Bryan Herta Autosport #2 Elantra N TCR 590
16 C. Bacon / K. Raineri CB Motorsports #18 Veloster N TCR 190
IMSA TCR Manufacturer Standings
Total Points
1 Hyundai 1290
2 Alfa Romeo 1260
4 Audi 1240
3 Honda 1210

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