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Experts Urge Road Trip Safety for You and the Children

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The warmer weather is the perfect time to jump in the car and head out on a road trip with the family, but those travelling with children are urged to put safety and preparation first.

The car rental experts at offer their top tips for getting through long journeys with little ones.

Parents can take plenty of measures to ensure a smooth, safe journey.

A spokesperson from said: “When travelling, safety should always come first, and when children are involved there are a couple of extra factors to take into consideration, especially as the weather gets warmer.

“Things like making sure you have plenty of water, keeping cool and taking regular rest breaks may seem obvious but are all crucial to ensuring your road trip is a roaring success.”

Here are the top tips from

Take Breaks

Try to make a stop for at least 15 minutes every couple of hours. This will help to tackle tiredness for both the driver and children whilst giving them a chance to stretch their legs and burn off some energy.

Keep Cool

Cars under the hot sun can very quickly overheat. When making stops along your route, ensure parking the vehicle under shaded areas where possible. When returning to the car, open all windows to let out any hot air and turn on the air con to keep a comfortable temperature.

Sun Cream

Sunburn is possible even through car windows. Cover your children in suncream before setting off on your trip, and make sure to re-apply at every stopping point. Cool, lightweight clothes are also best for kids on long trips.

Plan for Travel Sickness

Sickness when travelling is common in children and can be sparked at any time throughout a journey, so it is always best to pack some sickness-beating essentials. Encourage your children to avoid reading books or staring at phones on the route, avoid heavy meals before travelling and keep a constant flow of air in the vehicle.


Pack plenty of water in a cool bag or large insulated water bottles. Whether it is hot or cold outside, plenty of water is essential on long journeys.


Staring at iPads, phones and game consoles can encourage travel sickness and cause issues on long travel days. Instead, try and keep the children entertained through verbal games. Whether they love I Spy, the number plate game, 20 questions or the ever-popular quiet game, these can be a success.


Please resist the temptation to pack the car bag with bedding and large luggage items, and ensure your children have plenty of space to stretch out their legs and feel as comfortable as possible. This is key to keeping everyone happy on a road trip.

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Safety reminder – Please buckle up! Seat belts save lives every day. Always wear seat belts and use appropriate restraints for all child passengers.


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