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This Mansory Feroza Edition Is the Perfect Discreet SUV


Are you an international spy? Do you need a fast SUV that flies under the radar and lets you sneak into tricky situations completely unnoticed? Mansory may have just the car to meet your needs.

This is the Mansory Feroza Edition, and we see no problems using it as transport for undercover agents.

It’s based on the W12-engined Bentley Bentayga Speed, but the 6.0-litre colossus at the front is fitted with new turbos and gets a remapping ECU for a total of 887bhp and 922lb-ft of torque. The top speed rises to 201 mph, which should help our spy friends escape the criminals if they are spotted for some reason. It can not be the car, that’s for sure.

Mansory describes the paintwork as “magical turquoise”, and there’s an entire matching interior if the exterior colour is not enough.

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