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One-off White Ferrari Enzo To Be Offered Exclusively Through RM Sotheby’s Without Reserve

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RM Sotheby’s will offer one of the rarest modern Ferraris to come to auction without reserve. The legendary white Enzo will be provided online for just 24 hours, starting 29 June 2022.

Any Ferrari Enzo is a rare jewel befitting any serious supercar collection, but chassis 133023 is an even more special machine. One of fewer than 20 “Extracampionario” cars finished in a non-standard colour—a privilege reserved exclusively for Maranello’s most valued and discerning clients—this remarkable Enzo is the only example of that cohort—and indeed the entire production run—to be specified in the shade of Bianco Avus.

This unique Ferrari Enzo was completed on 22 May 2003, finished in the striking combination of Bianco Avus over Nero leather interior, specified with Rosso Corsa instruments and extra-large carbon-fibre bucket seats complete with rare 3D black cloth inserts. As with many of the finest examples of the Prancing Horse, this phenomenal Enzo is recognized by Maranello with Ferrari Classiche certification awarded in November 2012.

Further, the car has just received a full annual service at the Ferrari authorized dealer in Hong Kong. Offered exclusively by RM Sotheby’s and only made available to the most discerning of clients, this offering represents an unrepeatable opportunity to take ownership of a legend: the one and only white Enzo.

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