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TV Cop Cars and a Tribute to the Sinclair C5

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In the old days, the cars in TV police serials were as famous as the stars who drove them. Just think of the Ford Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch, the Ferrari from Magnum PI and the Jaguar from Inspector Morse.

After a drive in the old favourite cars of the TV cops, the presenters decide to inspire the producers of today’s dramas by each choosing a brand new, high-performance hero car for a proper on-screen test to prove what today’s TV police shows are missing. Step in front of our trio’s crime-fighting alter egos: Dave Tall, the Preston Ranger, and Dirty Cobra…

Elsewhere in the programme, we pay tribute to one of Britain’s greatest inventors, Sir Clive Sinclair. He was a true pioneer, and Chris and Fred want to celebrate his genius by breathing new life into one of his most famous creations.

The Sinclair C5, although often ridiculed, was an all-electric, low-speed, eco-friendly vehicle that was launched 40 years before its time. Fred will attempt to steer the C5 around an Olympic bobsleigh track at motorway speeds to give this chugging pioneer another eccentric adventure.

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