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A New Survey Reveals That 52% Of Respondents in the UAE Are Considering Electric Vehicles, Indicating Consumers Are Ready to Make the Switch


According to a survey commissioned by Audi Abu Dhabi, rising fuel prices have led to a significant shift (52%) in UAE residents’ attitudes towards hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs). Petrol prices in the UAE continued to progressively rise from February to April as global oil prices surged beyond $100 a barrel.

While residents’ intent to buy an EV seems strong, nearly 25% stated that they are waiting for more options to be launched in the market to make a purchase. 14% said they recently bought a petrol car but wished they would have purchased a hybrid/ EV instead.

The YouGov survey of 1000 UAE residents explored how the rise in fuel prices impacts how consumers think about their means of transportation.

Residents plan their car journeys more carefully, with a quarter saying they use public transport more now. At the same time, 14% of drivers have purchased an electric scooter/ bike over short distances. Remote and flexible working options are also helping residents mitigate rising fuel costs, with 19% saving more on fuel expenses by working from home.

“Interest in electric vehicles has continued to grow organically over time; however, increasing petrol prices has certainly accelerated the shift in consumers’ attitude towards EV adoption,” said Mark Austin, Audi Abu Dhabi General Manager. “When considering energy efficiency across the full lifecycle of producing, transporting and using fuel – typically referred to as “well to wheel” – electric vehicles offer high efficiency and the lowest carbon emissions per mile.”

Audi Abu Dhabi launched its first EV model under the thee-Tron umbrella nearly two years ago. Its premium electric vehicles portfolio has since grown to include four models without compromising the performance, design and driving dynamics expected of the brand. Two of Audi’s latest electric spearheads are being showcased at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS) in the capital from 23-25 May.

“Depending on the type of car you drive, the average cost of filling a fuel tank can be upwards of AED 270 versus AED 8.25 to fully charge an EV battery with a 110 kWh charger. With electric vehicles, owners also save on operating expenses,” Austin added.

EVIS is a platform that aims to facilitate discussions and mobilise actions to accelerate the MENA region’s transition to sustainable mobility.

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