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5 of the Most Easily Replaceable Car Parts


Vehicles constantly need maintenance, and car parts will eventually need replacement to drive. Some of these parts are easier to replace than others.

Cars have multiple components that allow them to operate. When these parts lose their effectiveness or begin to malfunction, they may need replacing when repairs aren’t possible. Some car features take more effort and money to replace than others, but specific pieces are easier to switch out. Here are five of the most easily replaceable car parts.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a common item in the automotive world and are easy to find in any auto shop or department store. These components are responsible for igniting the fuel in the combustion chamber to give your car the power to drive.

To replace spark plugs, you must turn off the vehicle is off and wait until the engine and spark plugs have cooled down. Then, disconnect the coil on the pin and the original spark plug using a spark plug socket. After that, reinstall the coil and spark plugs making sure not to cross any wires.

Air Filters

Air filters purify the air that comes into the engine. They constantly trap the dirt and particulates from the air, so you must replace them routinely. Because they’re among the most easily replaceable car parts, the process of switching them is simple. You’ll only need to undo the clamps that secure your filter, remove it, and install the new filter where the old one was.


The battery is an essential component that gives the vehicle’s electrical components power. Specific cars use different parts, such as batteries, so you need to consider this before purchasing auto parts. Ensure the car is off before beginning the replacement process.

Then, disconnect the cables from the positive and negative terminals that are red and black, respectively. Move any clamps or fasteners to the side and remove the battery from its holder. Place the new battery inside the holder and reconnect the cables to their corresponding terminals.

Serpentine Belts

The engine has multiple pullies that activate different parts of the engine, and the serpentine belt connects these parts as it transfers power from the crankshaft. To replace it, you’ll need to use a tensioner tool to relieve the belt’s tension since it’s so taut. Once it’s loose enough, replace it with the new belt and use a straightedge to make sure it correctly aligns, as misalignment will cause engine trouble.


Car tires are an everyday tool in driving and one of the most easily replaceable car parts. These rubber components are simple to replace with a jack and a lug wrench. Use the lug wrench to unscrew any nuts in the rims securing the tire to the wheel, then use a jack to lift the car. Remove the lug nuts and the old tire, place the new tire on the wheel, and screw the lug nuts back.

Car parts are generally complex and need constant care, occasionally needing replacements. But these easily replaceable parts won’t cause you many issues with the new knowledge you’ve learned.


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