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Phyron Launches New Canadian Office To Serve Carmakers and Retailers in North America 


Phyron, Swedish video tech pioneers, announced a strategic expansion into new North American markets by establishing a Toronto, Canada based team.

The new team will see Phyron engaging with automotive dealers and OEMs across Canada and the United States, offering their world-class automated videos with in-built artificial intelligence to transform used and new car sales, typically receiving up to 50% more traffic to their video advertisements.

Phyron’s innovative video and AI solution is the world’s first software solution for automated video production and distribution from still photos for the global automotive industry.

The team has been working with car dealers and partners since 2019 and counts over 1,000 customers across Europe. In the last 15 months, its customers’ car videos were viewed more than 234 million times.

The unique AI software and algorithms enable Phyron to create videos for car advertisements that can be used on OEM brand or retailer websites, classified ads, and social media channels. Automated videos save retailers significant time and money on video production. There is no need for an individual to video cars on-site or prepare a script of key features.

Premium studio-quality videos of every vehicle in a dealer group’s inventory include an engaging video ad attached to it in minutes. Research has shown that cars advertised with Phyron automated videos sold 3-5 days quicker than those without.

The innovative process works with Phyron taking a data feed from a retailer or group brand, with a minimum of four still images and key product details.

The artificial intelligence (AI) then identifies the key properties in the photos, including various shot angles, interior elements and exterior highlights, and then strips out the backgrounds and replaces them with neutral tones.

The unique software then adds special effects, shadows and overlays the desired product specifics and any customer offers on the relevant images, including price and retailer dealer branding.

Thanks to state-of-the-art cloud computing, Phyron can process an unlimited amount of videos concurrently, taking about 10 minutes to render them all, posting them live on a single retailer or auction site’s website, or scale them across an entire network if needed. If a detail changes, such as price, or promotion, the data feed updates and the video is re-rendered automatically as part of the small video fee.

Phyron CEO Johan Sundstrand said, “Thanks to the unprecedented level of enquiries from OEMs and dealerships across North America, we have brought forward our plans to establish an office in Toronto, Canada and build a team there. We have recruited two exceptionally experienced new business leads, Colin Richardson and Munish Sharma. I’m looking forward to working with them as we engage and onboard new dealerships and help them transform their video marketing.”

Phyron North America Business Development, Colin Richardson, said, “I’m delighted to be joining Phyron at such an exciting point in their growth trajectory. With over 25-years of experience working in the North American automotive retail sector, I’m confident we can offer Phyron’s innovative automated videos to transform how the sector currently markets vehicles”.

Phyron North America Business Development, Munish Sharma said, “I’ve worked in dealerships and know firsthand how time-consuming it is to make videos for vehicles on the shop floor. If Phyron’s software had been available to me then, I’d have used it every time. This is a message I’ll be sharing with my contacts across the North American dealer networks.”


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