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Heritage Customs Produces Limited Number of Canvas-Topped Defender Models


Dutch coachbuilder Heritage Customs puts the finishing touches on its latest creation: a convertible version of the Land Rover Defender.

Official pictures from the assembly line show how the Valiance convertible – as the Defender 90-based creation is called – is being heavily modified by hand at the company’s headquarters in the in the town of Enter.

The images also show what the vehicle will look like when the process is complete. Unique colours and a power-operated fabric roof are the key differentiators from Land Rover‘s standard car, which is currently only available as a hardtop.

Heritage will build five examples this year, each costing more than £100,000 – more than double the price of the entry-level Defender. This price includes the base vehicle and the cost of the conversion, for which the coachbuilder estimates €70,000 (£58,200).

Although no changes are made to the off-roader’s drivetrain – the short-wheelbase version of the Defender 90 that the owner brings to the conversion – the Valiance Convertible is fitted with specially forged wheels, bespoke interior and exterior detailing.

Niels van Roij, co-owner of the company, said the convertible – an evolution of the existing modified Defender, the Valiance Custom – is “the start of a journey of discovery” as “owners can help design the car of their dreams”.

He added: “Owners will find details and parts in their Valiance Convertible that they have never seen on a Defender before.”

Jan-Pieter Kroeze, the other co-owner, said the first five owners had “customised their ultra-limited, hand-built Defender to their exact specifications with the electrically operated soft top, Magic Metal elements and a beautifully handcrafted interior”.

Van Roij is already known for his coachbuilding work. He has already created a striking estate version of the Tesla Model S and a ‘shooting brake’ understanding of the Rolls-Royce Wraith.


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