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Facelift for BMW X7 Removes Buttons and Adds an Angrier Face


Welcome to the future. BMW says the face of the revamped X7 will not appear only on this car. The even angrier look with the split headlights will soon be seen on all “luxury” BMWs. I hope you are excited to see the new 7 Series…

Back to the X7: BMW’s most extensive and most expensive SUV… for now. The plan for this update was to up the luxury (to stay ahead of the new Range Rover), add extra tech and make the car look even more aggressive. The job has been done.

The headlights are now split, with the LED running lights on top giving the X7’s face its ‘eyes’ and the main headlights positioned below. You guessed it; the radiator grilles are larger. And they can now be illuminated if you activate the option. The standard X7 is still too restrained for you? The M Sport is even angrier.

A little treat for you: this is the first BMW to be offered with 23-inch wheels from the factory. And to give you an idea of how big that is: the wheels BMW bolted onto the first M3 were 15 inches in diameter. Hurray for progress!

BMW made some bad decisions in the interior. First and foremost, the buttons have been deleted and replaced by empty spaces on the dashboard to make it look more minimalist and tidy. To adjust the air conditioning or activate the heated seats, you must access the expansive, curved 14.9-inch display found in the all-electric iX.

People will be driving around in 2.5-tonne super tanks, clicking a sub-menu on the screen instead of tapping a single button and looking back at their destination. Is not that progress?

All seven seats are motorised and (thankfully) fold down at the touch of a button, proving that BMW has not entirely lost its mind yet. There’s also new vegan upholstery, which should ease your guilty conscience as you puff around with an even more powerful twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet.

Every X7 now comes with a 48-volt hybrid powertrain. The X7 M60i’s V8 produces 523bhp, and if you are in less of a hurry, a 3.0-litre inline-six with 374bhp is available. The X7 40d diesel now has 332 hp, and whichever model you choose, they all have all-wheel drive and a new eight-speed automatic transmission as standard.

Air suspension is also standard, and BMW says it’s working on an app that lets you adjust the ride height from your smartphone. If only there were a button for that…


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