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New Smart #1 EV SUV Revealed


Smart is set to unveil its first all-new production vehicle since becoming an all-electric brand. The launch of the inventively named #1 is scheduled for 7 April.

Joint venture company Smart Automobile Co. Ltd. has announced the name of its first new-generation model, the #1 electric crossover. The combination of the symbol “#” and a number will be adopted for future models.

Smart believes the hashtag symbol, reminiscent of trendsetters in the digital age, is a good fit for a company that defines itself as a premium brand for all-electric automotive technology. However, the automaker has not given any instructions on how the #1 name should be pronounced.

The Smart #1 SUV has been spotted in the final stages of testing ahead of its launch this year. This will be Smart’s first-ever SUV.

Smart #1 was developed in collaboration with Geely and will be an alternative to the Peugeot e-2008 and the upcoming Mini Countryman EV.

Smart #1 is expected to be unveiled later this year, and customers will be able to order their car from the end of 2022.

In the test pictures below, you can see the #1, the size of a Mini Countryman, wearing a clever camouflage. The overall shape looks quite similar to Concept #1 we saw last September, does not it?


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