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Abu Dhabi to Host One of the Region’s Largest Automotive Marketplaces at KIZAD


AD Ports Group has partnered with UAE-based, multi-business conglomerate Ghassan Aboud Group to establish one of the region’s largest automotive export and distribution hubs, KIZAD. The launch was announced at the official ceremony held in Abu Dhabi with key stakeholders and officials. 

The Regional Auto Hub – Abu Dhabi will foster global trade partnerships bringing together buyers, sellers, logistics services providers, government enablers, facilitators, and financial service providers whilst offering access to integral sources and consumption markets through sector-specific infrastructure and multimodal connectivity by sea, land, and air.

Spread over 3.3 sqkm in KIZAD, the Regional Auto Hub – Abu Dhabi will be one of the largest in the region. The project’s ecosystem will feature dedicated areas for showrooms, storage, spare parts, workshops, test tracks, auction houses, social and office spaces, logistics services, government support, and commercial support services.

The hub is being designed to include free zone and domestic areas to facilitate international trade of all automotive products such as new and used passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, electric vehicles, heavy equipment and machinery and spare parts connecting Europe and the Far East to the Middle East, Africa, CIS, the Indian Subcontinent, and beyond.

The partnership between AD Ports Group and Ghassan Aboud Group is designed to support and accelerate the government’s vision for economic diversification and industrial growth by enhancing automotive trade flow through the UAE.

Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, Managing Director and Group CEO, AD Ports Group, said, “AD Ports Group is continuously working to develop state-of-the-art industrial infrastructure across key sectors within our Economic Cities & Free Zones Cluster as part of our commitment to driving national efforts towards the UAE’s economic diversification goals and Operation 300bn strategy.”

“By offering an efficient and integrated business environment that nurtures a highly skilled workforce and enhances operational productivity, we believe the Regional Auto Hub – Abu Dhabi will be a key driver in strengthening the UAE’s position at the centre of the region’s evolving global automotive and mobility supply chain,” he added.

The Regional Auto HubAbu Dhabi will also leverage cutting-edge technology to offer a digital marketplace in KIZAD that will provide a range of services and cater to automotive trade and export needs, ensuring continuity while easing business by supporting key synergies between Abu Dhabi’s government entities and trade enablers.


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