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AddArmor Reveals Armoured Aston Martin Vantage


If you make a car bulletproof, please make it one from a brand known for outfitting the world’s flashiest secret agents. AddArmor has unveiled its latest creation: a fully armoured new Aston Martin Vantage.

The small V8-engined Aston features the company’s “B4” level of protection, which includes bulletproof glass, more robust doors, a hardened steel blast-proof roof and a fuel tank shield.

There’s also an armoured firewall, and everything is made from the company’s “composite materials”. You even get a set of run-flat tyres “to help escape any difficult situation”.

Like escaping a henchman in a Jaguar C-X75 if you happen to be “on holiday” in Rome, or taking bad guys by surprise in a Land Rover Defender in rural Norway, expect the unexpected, kids.

Other armoured features include tamper-proof exhaust covers – so “no foreign objects can be inserted” – and “shock door handles” to prevent intrusion. The suspension has also been strengthened to handle the extra weight. The lightweight Kevlar armour adds about 204kg to the Vantage‘s weight. Prices for the whole package start at $32,500.

“Incorporating our lightweight armour into this Vantage was important because speed is a precious commodity in dangerous situations on the open road,” explains Pete Blaber, a former US Special Forces veteran.


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