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Williams Racing Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Bang & Olufsen


Williams Racing today announces a multi-year agreement with renowned luxury audio company Bang & Olufsen as an Official Team Partner.

In addition to the Bang & Olufsen logo adorning the FW44, Williams and Bang & Olufsen will work together to create impactful, immersive and multi-sensory customer and fan experiences. This will happen globally across Bang & Olufsen branded stores, at Williams Racing facilities trackside at various Grands Prix, and the Williams headquarters in Grove, Oxfordshire.

Williams Racing CEO and Team Principal Jost Capito said: “I’m delighted to welcome such a globally iconic brand to the Williams Racing stable of partners. For nearly 100 years, Bang & Olufsen has been at the forefront of design and innovation and created some of the most memorable and iconic products globally. And we have that same desire for perfection. The combination of Bang & Olufsen and Williams Racing is perfectly aligned with our ‘Williams Beyond Racing’ brand strategy and is further proof of Williams’ continued growth over the past 12 months, both on and off-track.”

Since 1925, the Danish luxury brand Bang & Olufsen has created some of the world’s most iconic audio and home entertainment products based on powerful sound, timeless design and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Kristian Teär, CEO of Bang & Olufsen, is excited about the partnership and believes it will help the company attract the attention of more global consumers. “I’m proud of this new partnership. We share Williams’ passion for excellence, performance, and the desire to create only the best, and together we can provide some extraordinary experiences to fans and customers. It is a key strategic priority for us to increase our brand awareness, and with this partnership, we will be able to reach even more global consumers from this weekend and in the years to come. We cannot wait to show the world what we can do together – and Bahrain will undoubtedly be the beginning of something amazing.”


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