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Volvo Car USA Showcases the All-Electric C40 Recharge in the “Recharge Garage”


Volvo Car USA has collaborated with garage design experts Garage Living and leading technology-enabled real estate brokerage Compass to conceptualise and build a tailored Recharge Garage in Palm Springs, California – a vision of the possibilities of an electric future can bring to our homes.

The unique partnership aligns with Garage Living and Compass’ support for a sustainable future. It underpins Volvo Cars’ aggressive climate action plan, including full electrification by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2040. Volvo Cars signed the Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emission Cars at the COP26 conference in November 2021 and called for increased renewable energy investment.

Located at 2465 Winter Sun Dr., a single-family residence currently listed for sale by Compass agent Marc Sanders in Palm Springs, California, the Recharge Garage was designed to spotlight the all-electric Volvo C40 Recharge compact SUV and showcase how homes and spaces must evolve as the world accelerates towards electrification. An electrified future presents new demands for home charging, sustainability, versatility, and connectivity.

“As Volvo continues its electrification journey, the advancement and accessibility of home charging are critical to driving continued adoption of EVs,” said Anders Gustafsson, Sr. Vice President Americas and President and CEO, Volvo Car USA. “The Recharge Garage concept provides a glimpse into a future where electric cars will reshape our lives for the better, whether on the road or at home.”

The Recharge Garage Emphasises Sustainability and Versatility for Electric Vehicle Drivers. It Features:
  • Three Volvo-branded Level 2 home chargers
  • Flexible work-from-home space with built-in desk and foldable meeting table
  • Entertainment centre with state-of-the-art smart TV and Bowers & Wilkins speakers
  • Smart storage solutions for active lifestyle equipment

“Despite consuming significant square footage in today’s homes, the garage is a space that is typically underutilised and often neglected,” said Marc Sanders, Compass real estate agent representing 2465 Winter Sun Drive, a for-sale home within Desert Palisades, a new gated community in Palm Springs. “Homes will become the fueling stations of the future that make owning an electric vehicle easier than ever.”

By charging at home, most EV drivers can complete their average daily commute and driving tasks without using a public charging station – potentially reducing the time spent fueling the vehicle outside the home compared to an ICE vehicle. Additionally, because EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, the garage can also become a cleaner and more flexible space that can be used for charging, storage, work and more.

“The demand for electric vehicle adapted garages continues to grow,” said Aaron Cash, President and Co-Founder of Garage Living. “Approximately 40 per cent of our design consultations now factor in an EV.”

Volvo Cars’ life cycle carbon footprint assessments (LCA) for its electric vehicles have shown that where the vehicle’s electricity comes from is a significant factor in lifetime emissions. By powering the C40 Recharge with renewable energy, drivers can reduce their carbon emissions faster.

For this reason, the house featuring the Recharge Garage is equipped with solar panels and located in the Desert Palisades community in Palm Springs, CA, a city already known for sustainable and renewable energy solutions, including solar and wind power.

Volvo Car USA worked with two key partners who shared a sustainable and electrified future vision. Garage Living is one of North America’s leading premium garage transformation companies.

As the demand for home charging increases, the company added an EV-friendly ReCHARGE concept to its Designer Series, featuring a sustainable and flexible garage design offering for electric drivers. Garage Living worked with Volvo to design, build and outfit the Recharge Garage.

Compass is the largest brokerage in the United States in closed sales volume. The company provides their agents with an end-to-end platform that empowers them to grow their business, save time and manage their business more effectively.

Recognising the importance of home charging and sustainable living as crucial selling points for future homes, Compass worked with Volvo and Garage Living to identify 2465 Winter Sun Drive as the ideal location to build the Recharge Garage.

The total electric C40 Recharge features all the benefits of an SUV with a sleek, low-profile design and incorporates an intuitive, built-in Google infotainment experience. It is the first Volvo in company history designed as pure electric-only and the first to feature a leather-free interior.


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