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All-New Audi RS3 Makes Regional Preview at Flat 12 Café in Dubai


Audi Middle East, along with its partner in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Al Nabooda Automobiles, showcased their latest premium sports car, the all-new Audi RS3, exclusively in Dubai, two months ahead of its official market introduction. The legendary five-cylinder was on display at a popular cars and coffee stop, Flat 12 Café, in an experience open to all all-automotive enthusiasts.

From 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, up to 290 km/h top speed, with RS torque splitter, semi-slicks and specific RS driving modes, the new Audi RS3 offers driving dynamics of the highest calibre, the best numbers in its segment.

Equipped with a 294 kW (400 HP) five-cylinder, the high-performance engine delivers rapid acceleration with an intoxicating sound. The power unit now has 500 Nm of torque and responds faster than previous models. Visually, the RS3 demonstrates its sporty DNA with a widened body, RS sports exhaust system, and cockpit displays comparable to those found in race cars.

The RS3’s appearance in Dubai coincided with the dominating Audi Sport win at the Hankook 24h Dubai race, which took place at the Dubai Autodrome track over the weekend. Fans and enthusiasts were treated to a week-long Audi Sport showcase with the RS3 as the centrepiece for all to enjoy.

“Progress has taken on a new shape with the Audi RS3 here in Dubai. The RS3 delivers exceptional performance in its segment, equipped with a five-cylinder engine and RS-specific interior and exterior design details. It offers customers an exciting entry point into the Audi Sport lineup.

This is a car for the enthusiasts, and we are lucky to have showcased it in a region where car culture is at an all-time high, “said Elmir Arnautovic, Marketing Director at Audi Middle East.

The all-new RS 3 is available in sedan and Sportback variants and trim levels, allowing customers to choose a version that reflects individual styling, driving experience and equipment level. Customers can now pre-order the vehicle in Dubai.




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