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Hyundai to Present Its Vision for the Future of Robotics at CES


Hyundai will present its vision for the future of robotics at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, focusing on the shift to mobility and the modernisation of traditional forms of transport. 

The company will present its ideas under the theme “Extending Human Reach”, emphasising how robotics can advance the real-world mobility ecosystem. 

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Hyundai will convey how its future robotics will enable “transportation between the virtual and real worlds” and remove physical barriers to daily transportation. 

The new technologies at the show fall under Hyundai’s “mobility of things” concept, allowing traditionally inanimate objects to move autonomously. A new plug-and-drive (PnD) robotic module is one of the technologies showcased at the event. 

The presentations will “reflect the company’s goal to fulfil humanity’s quest for unlimited freedom of movement with robots that connect the real world and the metaverse,” Hyundai said. 

The company will also showcase its full range of robots, including the Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) unveiled earlier this month. The small, four-wheeled robot is designed to carry luggage, deliver packages, act as a baby carrier or even as a server at parties. 

Hyundai first revealed its intention to improve mobility at CES 2017, where it showcased its autonomous driving technology through urban trials of its IONIQ models. 

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Hyundai also explained its intention to introduce a health and mobility concept to improve relaxation while driving and better manage the stress of commuting and emphasised the importance of hyperconnectivity. 

At the 2019 event, Hyundai unveiled an electric running car called “Elevate”, which will improve disaster response times and facilitate urban mobility


The Korean manufacturer will showcase its robotic technology in a live stream on Tuesday, 4 January at 23:00. Visitors can visit the stand from Wednesday 5 to Saturday 8 January at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.Advertisement



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