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ACDelco Achieves a Monumental Milestone of Fifty Million Battery Sales in the Middle East


ACDelco, the region’s premier aftermarket parts and products supplier announced its recent milestone of 50 million batteries produced and sold in the Middle East. The monumental milestone underlines the continuing appeal of the go-to battery brand in the Middle East markets, which is renowned for providing maintenance-free batteries.

Since its inception with MEBCo in 1998, ACDelco has maintained its foothold in the region due to its strong brand, robust network, and technological advantages that position the brand among the top leading aftermarket part suppliers.

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Rohan Fernandes, Director of Customer Care and Aftersales at GM AMEO, commented, “We are proud to have achieved this incredible milestone. In less than 25 years, we have managed to demonstrate the huge impact our batteries have had on people’s lives and prove our dedication to continuing to be the market leader and a highly trusted brand in the Middle East region. This achievement is a story of success for ACDelco, and we are looking forward to reaching our 100 million milestones across our extensive portfolio.”

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As a global leader in automotive replacement parts and related services, ACDelco offers more than 90,000 parts across 37 products lines, including but not limited to maintenance parts such as car and truck batteries, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters and brakes.

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In addition to covering all of GM’s vehicles with auto parts of OE specifications, ACDelco Professional aftermarket auto parts and products also manufacture original and high-quality spare parts for many other autos makes and models, including Japanese, Korean, European and American brands, for which it offers fit, form and function at a more affordable price.




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