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Volkswagen to Roll Out Major Upgrade to Infotainment System of Its Eighth-Generation Golf


Volkswagen will upgrade the eighth-generation Golf’s oft-criticised infotainment system with new hardware and software to speed up the system and add additional voice control features.

The latest Golf uses the MIB3 infotainment system, designed for a dashboard with significantly reduced physical buttons. However, the system has attracted criticism for being slow to respond and occasionally buggy.

Volkswagen has now announced that the latest versions of the new Golf feature an improved infotainment system with several hardware improvements. The changes include a more robust system on chip (SoC), a new central processing unit that VW says offers three times the graphics performance and 25% more computing capacity than the previous system.


This is coupled with a significant software update that includes several changes to how the system works. VW has now set the system to automatically disable the haptic buttons and volume control when a user puts their finger near the screen to prevent someone from selecting the wrong controls. The update also improved the infrared sensors to allow gesture control from a greater distance.


In addition, VW has fundamentally revised voice recognition. According to the company, it has been optimised to be faster and provide more precise answers to general questions. The system now understands natural voice control better. So if you say: “I am cold”, the car will turn up the heating.


The digital microphone can now tell the difference between the driver and passenger, adjusting the air conditioning separately. The company also claims that voice control now has a 95% understanding rate.

The updated hardware will initially only be offered on new models, but Volkswagen plans to roll out the latest software on existing Golf models in the coming months.




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