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Citroën Unveils New My Ami Buggy Concept That Showcases Rugged Off-Road Version of the Tiny City Car


Citroën’s electric four-wheeler has already been seen as a passenger and commercial vehicle, and both can now be ordered in the UK. The new concept shows a possible ‘liberated’ future buggy version of the machine and is reminiscent of the beach buggy versions of the original Mini and the Volkswagen Beetle.

The My Ami Buggy Concept has several bespoke styling features familiar from hardcore off-roaders, including a roof-mounted spare wheel, chunky off-road tyres, bull bars and metal grilles for the headlights. The doors have also been replaced with tubular guards that feature storage pockets containing rainproof tarpaulins that protect the elements when needed.

There is also a LED light bar on the front edge of the roof for use at night or in fog, providing a ‘campfire’ atmosphere when stationary. There is also a new “roof cap” on the front of the windscreen to further protect the occupants from the sun.

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Designer Samuel Pericles said the company drew inspiration from construction games for fun and functionality and industrial design for ergonomics and aesthetics.

Although Citroën says the concept is “an unbridled expression” that is not intended for production, it has been designed to be “both realistic and effective”.

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The machine has also been designed with many customisation options, including chevron graphics reminiscent of those on the 19_19 concept car and the Ami One Concept. The words ‘Pilot’ and ‘Copilot’ are above the driver and passenger seats, respectively.


Inside, the car features new seat upholstery with foam thickness increased from 35 mm to 70 mm. The seats can be removed from their shells for changing or washing. There are also several storage options, including redesigned storage compartments in the dashboard, and the car comes with a particular luggage set tailored to specific areas of the vehicle.

There is also a camera mount that can be attached to four different anchor points on the frame of the machines, removable wing mirrors, a new design smartphone clip and a movable bottle holder. Many of the accessories have been 3D printed to be easily reproduced if needed.

Citroën has not yet commented on production plans for a buggy version of the Ami.




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