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Porsche Classic Showcases Aftermarket Parts That Give Dakar-Themed Takes on MK1 Cayenne


The first-generation Porsche Cayenne has received an official rally-inspired makeover to promote a new range of personalisation options for older Porsche models.

Porsche’s in-house Classic department has redesigned two Cayennes to include underride guards, thick off-road tyres, rally-style wheels and headlights, as well as new heritage-inspired decal packages currently the only ones available to order from Porsche. The black car even has a folding roof tent.

The unique wheels, mud flaps and roof baskets are unavailable through the Classic department, although Porsche says that these parts are “currently being tested for feasibility”.

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The original Cayenne features all-wheel drive with a dynamic centre differential lock, which Porsche says gives the car “exceptional off-road characteristics”. The revision by Porsche Classic is intended to emphasise the SUV’s 4×4 characteristics.

Porsche will exhibit the cars at selected events to “gather feedback from customers and fans and take this into account when deciding on the development and reissue of individual parts.”

The brand has also announced that Manthey Racing’s upgrade kit for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, with which the car set a production lap record at the Nuerburgring last year, can be ordered directly from Porsche Classic.


The kit includes improved aerodynamic parts, a coil-over suspension, unique brake components and magnesium wheels. Further options, such as racing brake pads and 3D-printed body form bucket seats, will be offered in the future.

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Porsche Classic also revealed that more parts are in the pipeline. Performance suspension parts for the 996-generation 911 and the 959 are in development, while new versions of the popular Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus infotainment system are in the works for the 2005-2008 Cayman, Boxster and 911, as well as the first-generation Cayenne.




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