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Dubai Police Adds Cadillac CT5 to Supercar Fleet


The Dubai Police have added a Cadillac CT5 to their exclusive fleet of class-leading premium cars. Starting today, residents of the city will spot the compact sedan on the roads of Dubai as a police patrol car.

In line with Dubai Police’s uncompromised commitment to always having the most efficient, innovative and capable vehicles that are flexible and ready to handle any situation at hand on its fleet, the CT5 went through a rigorous assessment process that put its performance to test, and it delivered on the high standards and specific criteria required.

Equipped with Cadillac’s award-winning rear-wheel-drive architecture, the model is distinguished by a fusion of luxurious design, spirited, turbocharged performance and the utmost comfort, supported by Cadillac’s latest technologies ideally suited to meet the requirements of the Dubai Police fleet and take on its duties. 


The vehicle that is now part of the Dubai Police fleet was officially handed over by Al Ghandi Auto, Cadillac’s exclusive dealer partner in the UAE, at the Dubai Police Headquarters in the presence of Major General Dr Mohamed Al Razouqi, Mark Jenkins, CEO of Al Ghandi Auto and Kristian Aquilina, Managing Director of Cadillac International Operations and Cadillac Middle East

“The United Arab Emirates in general, and Dubai specifically are renowned for their standards in safety and security, but also of luxury. As the Dubai Police, we always aim to upgrade our fleet with nameplates that match the Emirates’ standards as well as best serve our force, and the Cadillac CT5 perfectly does so,” said Major General, Dr Mohamed Al Razouqi. 

The Cadillac CT5 is powered by a 2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbo engine and packed with driver awareness and assistance technologies1 such as standard Safety Alert Seat, Cadillac’s latest generation Rear Camera Mirror with zoom and tilt adjustment, Forward Collision Alert, Low-Speed Forward Automatic Emergency Braking and Front Pedestrian Braking.


Commenting on this, Kristian Aquilina, Managing Director, Cadillac International Operations and Cadillac Middle East, said: “We are thrilled and humbled to see the CT5 join the Dubai Police fleet, and in a way allow us to play a role in the safety and security of a community we love. The model packs amazing features, from the latest of Cadillac’s technologies to superior performance and sophisticated design, and we know it is the ideal choice for Dubai Police.”



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