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How To Defog Your Windshield in No Time


One of the most annoying sides of cold weather is the extra work it means for motorists. Everything takes a little longer between putting on winter tyres, scraping off snow and ice, and waiting for your vehicle to warm up.

And even though not as many people drive to work every day anymore, that does not mean everyone escapes the dreaded feeling of starting the car and finding that the windscreen has fogged up.

A former engineer from NASA has shared his science-based defogging technique to get the job done faster. Here is what you need to know.


How to De-ice Your Windscreen Quickly

This tip comes from Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and self-proclaimed “friend of science”. In a five-minute YouTube video, he explains how we can fog up our windscreen in half the time.

In that video, Rober uses the scientific method to test different techniques before deciding on the one he thinks is best for defrosting your windscreen and car windows.

Here Are the Individual Steps:

1. turn your car’s heater up to the full blast. Hot air can absorb more moisture.
2. turn on your car’s air conditioning. Rober assures that this method pulls moisture out of the air as the air passes over the cold coils of the AC.
3. Make sure the air circulation inside the car is turned off. As winter air is cold, and we know it does not hold much moisture. Thus, and by bringing it into your car and heating it up, it can absorb much moisture.
4. open as many windows as possible – even if only for a few seconds – to allow the humid air in the car to exchange with the dry, cold air outside.


Of course, there are many variables, such as temperature, precipitation, and your car’s settings, but these tips are worth a try if you deal with fog a lot.


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