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Some Newly-Purchased Tesla Cars Are Reportedly Showing up Without USB Ports


Many Tesla customers have noticed that their newly purchased Model 3 and Model Y are missing USB ports, a problem first discovered by Electrek. Tesla has reportedly told its customers that the chip shortage is behind the lack of ports.

As Electrek notes, the problem appears to have only been occurring since November 11 and only affects the Model 3 and Model Y. Buyers have been speaking out on Reddit, voicing their concerns about the missing ports. They have noticed that USB-C ports are missing from the centre console and near the rear seats – many also claim that their vehicle’s wireless charger is not working (via Electrek).

To make matters worse, some buyers claim Tesla did not even tell them their car did not have USB ports, as Electrek reports. Some buyers did not even realize the USB ports were missing until they saw others’ reports or received their car.

Users will have to deal with an expensive battery-on-wheels that can not even charge their own devices.

According to Electrek, users who have managed to contact Tesla say the ports may be available in December, at which point they can make an appointment to have them installed. But that’s likely no guarantee that the parts will even be available at that time. So, for the time being, users will have to deal with an expensive battery-on-wheels that can not even charge their own devices.


The chip shortage has spread to many areas of technology, and the automotive industry is no exception. Some of BMW’s newer models do not come with a touchscreen, and buyers will likely never be able to have one installed at a later date.

Even GM has been affected by the shortage, as the company has already had to discontinue wireless charging and cancel its fuel management module in some of its newer vehicles. Also, Cadillac’s hands-free Super Cruise feature has been cancelled due to the shortage. So now may not be the best time to buy a new car.


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