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What Is Involved In A Vehicle Check?


When it comes to our cars, we want to keep them roadworthy to be safer on the road. With this in mind, it is important to know what checks go into ensuring that your car is roadworthy. Here are some of the things that are important during a vehicle check.

The wheels

The wheels and the tyres might be the most important things that are on the car. Without them, your vehicle is not going anywhere. Every time you get fresh tyres, you should get the wheel alignment checked to ensure no rubbing and that the car doesn’t pull off to one side. It is recommended that you change your tyres every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, but this depends on several factors.


The windows

The windows on your car are not made from standard glass. They are made from a special auto glass that is designed to withstand breaks and cracks. If you notice a chip or a crack appearing, you need to get that fixed as soon as possible. Cracks can appear for several reasons, but they can be filled and fixed if not too big. Otherwise, you will need to get your windscreen replaced by a professional.


If there is one item on your car that is an unsung hero, it is the wipers. During rainstorms, these items help remove the water from the windscreen so that you can see clearly. Over time, they become worn and can split. Don’t forget to replace the wipers at least once a year so that you can continue to see out of the window. They are cheap and easy to replace, and they might be one of the easiest things to do when it comes to car maintenance. 


As great as it is to get going, you need a way to stop the car. The brake pads on the vehicle generally last around 40,000 miles, but this number can be as low as 25,000 miles and as high as 80,000 miles. Whatever the number is, it is essential to replace the brakes when they need to be replaced. If you choose to ignore the brakes, you could put yourself and other road users in much danger. 



The lights on your car serve many different functions. There are lights in the dashboard that tell you what is happening in the car, such as the engine light. Then there are the others on the outside of the vehicle who show your turning intentions and light up the road in front of you. These lights all need to be checked to ensure that your car runs smoothly and that no other issues might be overlooked. The bulbs on the outside need to be regularly checked to ensure that they work and don’t cause any problems for other road users by being too bright.




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