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PodRide: The 4 Wheel E-bike That Looks Like a Car


PodRide is an all-weather, four-wheel e-bike that looks like a car. With PodRide, you can cycle in comfort, improve your health, save money, and care for the environment.

PodRide’s electric motor allows you to adjust the assist level, travel further easier, and conquer the hills. PodRide is the most practical all-weather bike around.

PodRide: The 4 Wheel E-Bike

Due to increasing demand, PodRide will be available as a two-seater from day one. It will come standard with one seat, with the option of purchasing a second seat if you intend to carry a passenger. The position of both seats are adjustable within the cabin, and you can adjust the recline angle too. There’s even room for a child passenger or your groceries.


A new member called Christophe joined the team six months ago. Christophe is an industrial designer in France who has designed beautiful and stylish products for Rossignol, Decathlon, Puma, and other industry-leading brands.

Christophe’s primary responsibility was to take PodRide’s quirky design and improve the visual appearance and appeal whilst remaining true to the original PodRide design.

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PodRide now looks more “grown-up” and refined but still lightweight, friendly and fun

The design has evolved and is still being refined further. It is not the final design- though. However, the styling has significantly improved on the original prototype.


One of the significant changes that have been made to the design is to use a thermoformed material in the lower section to simplify construction and significantly improve visual appeal. Using this material also solves one of the biggest technical challenges – weather sealing between the lower and upper body.



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